Confidentiality of your data

A malicious observer (e.g., State, Internet Provider, or Black-Hat Hacker) is able to listen to your communications. This holds whether your Internet access is wired (e.g., RJ-45, ethernet, fiber, ADSLWifi 802.11, WiMax, 4G, ...).

The impact is significant: since the data is not encrypted and the PDU format is public, it is possible to decode the trames of those network packets in order to retrieve your information. The data in which attackers are interested are: the list of servers you consulted, but also information which should be confidential and encrypted such as your passwords.

The risk is increased when a connection is performed through a non reliable medium without server authentication, such as a Wifi hotpost. Indeed, an attacker can create a network with a similar SSID (e.g., AT&T_Hotspot,... ). Moreover, the frequent non encryption of communications and the increasing distribution of hacking tools (freeware or open-source) such as Kissmet, Wireshark, Scappy rendered information theft a kid game: it is accessible to the noobs / script kiddies.

ActiVPN encrypts all your communications till our exit point.
No observer present on your wireless network, or having accessed on the routers present in the nodes close to your LAN or WAN is able to decrypt the data which transit between your computer / smartphone and our VPN exit points.

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