Configure ActiVPN on NAS Synology

  • Download the VPN configuration: and uncompress it
  • Navigate to the NAS Synology web interface
  • IMPORTANT: please update to the latest version of your Synology NAS, in order to have the latest VPN NAS improvements: NAS Synology Update
  • In the Synology NAS interface, click on VPN
  • In the new window, click on create
  • Choose OpenVPN
  • Enter your identifiers: your email and the password associated to your ActiVPN account
  • As VPN server, please choose for the Romania VPN or for the Netherlands VPN.
  • Depending on which server your choose, then please put ca-ro.crt for Romania, or ca.crt (you will obtain those files from the uncompressed folder in the first step). Then click on Next
  • Activate the Compression
  • Port: 443
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Click on Apply, and then the VPN connection will start
  • VPN NAS Synology

Get this VPN - Configure ActiVPN on NAS Synology