Configure OpenVPN on Google Android

  • Navigate to the folder containing the VPN configuration files:

    free VPN android
  • Choose the server of your choice and download it:free VPN android
  • Launch the Google Play Store application
  • Search for "OpenVPN connect":openVPN android
  • Click on "install"
  • Once the application has been downloaded and installed, open it:VPN android
  • Click on menu, then Import:Google android VPN
  • choose "Import Profile from SD card":droid VPN
  • choose the Downloads folderfree VPN google
  • then the server to which you want to connect, and click select:free openvpn
  • enter your ActiVPN credentials:free openvpn
  • You are now connected to the ActiVN network. Enjoy :)VPN androidlow cost VPN android

Get this VPN - Configure OpenVPN on Google Android