Configure OpenVPN on Microsoft Windows

  • Download the OpenVPN ActiVPN client for Windows
  • Install the VPN client
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  • Download the ActiVPN configuration files

  • Open the configuration folder

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  • Open the ZIP file
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  • Copy the configuration files (those files end with ".ovpn") from the ZIP folder into the folder C:/Programs/OpenVPN/config/ or C:/Program Files(x86)/OpenVPN/config/

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  • Close all OpenVPN instances:
  • Create a shortcut for ActiVPN on the desktop:

  • Configure OpenVPN GUI so that it runs as administrator:

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    Click on OK
  • Open the GUI:

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  • Right click on the icon with the lock, in the taskbar (on the left side of the clock, which is generally at the bottom right of the screen):

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  • Then click on "Connect"

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  • Enter your identifiers (email and password) of the ActiVPN website:

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  • A message tells you that you are connected and have a new IP:

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  • Visit et check out your IP address VPN in order to know if everythings succeeded :

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