Evade censorship

Confidentiality of your Internet Data within an Oppressive Government

Numerous entities filter your Internet access.

Among the public entities enforcing such policies, the following nations are censoring the Internet:

  • China blocks notably Facebook, Google
  • Syria, Egypt and Russia kill reporters who do not conform to the governement views
  • Iran

This is only part of the list: Oman, Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil...

ActiVPN permits you to evade the Internet censorship of such governements who are oppressive with individual freedom. ActiVPN permits to save journalists' and freedom defenders' lives:

  • access to services which are blocked by your state
  • our encrypted channels outside of control of those regimes avoid being identified and to put your life in danger

Corporation Filtering

How many of us would like to have a quick look at your Facebook updates, during your coffee break?
Unfortunately, your employer filters your internet access!

There is a cure!
Thanks to ActiVPN, you can:


Your are travelling or are expatriate, and you are missing home TV channels?
Thanks to ActiVPN (and assuming that you pay your TV fees back home), you can legally:

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