How to set up ActiVPN on a Huawei Router with L2TP

Configure your Huawei router with the VPN

Access your router’s control panel by entering or If that does not work, see how to find your router’s default gateway.
If this is your first time signing in, use the credentials supplied at the bottom of the router.
Note: This will become your router dashboard password going forward, so be sure to keep a record of it somewhere.

username and password for Huawei L2TP VPN

Click on Settings > VPN.

Fill in the details as follows:
  • Enable L2TP: Checked
  • LNS address: paste the ActiVPN manual config address you found above
  • Host Name: A name of your choice
  • Tunnel password: paste the ActiVPN Pre-Shared key for your username
  • Handshake interval(s): 60
  • Username: paste the ActiVPN L2TP username
  • Password: paste the ActiVPN L2TP password
  • Authentication: Auto
  • Click Apply.

    ActiVPN Huawei VPN configuration - LNS server name

    Disconnect from the VPN server

    To disconnect from the VPN server, uncheck the box next to Enable L2TP and click Apply.

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