IPSec L2TP VPN on Android

On Android devices you are able to use ActiVPN with IPSec without additional software or apps.
Android VPN Settings The configuration process may differ slightly depending on the version or variant of Android used. First open “Settings” then tap “More settings” – “VPN” and finally select “Add VPN network”.
Android VPN IPSecIn the appearing window first enter a name for the VPN connection at “Name”. As “Type” select “IPSec Xauth PSK” and enter the name of the desired server at “Server address”.On the Server page in the member area of our website you can see which servers are available for your usage. There you will also find the corresponding pre shared key (PSK) which you have to enter at “IPsec pre-shared key”. Save the VPN configuration by tapping the “Save” button.
android vpn ipsec connectThe newly created VPN configuration may now be selected and started by tapping it (or by creating and using a shortcut). Doing this you have to enter your Perfect Privacy user data. Enter your user name at “User name” and your corresponding password at “Password”. Set the checkmark at “Save account information” to avoid having to enter them each time you want to establish a VPN connection.Establish the VPN connection using the “Connect” button. An active VPN connection is symbolized by a small key symbol in the menu bar. The VPN connection can be stopped by selecting it again and then touching the “Disconnect” button.You can use our CheckIP website to test whether the VPN connection is working correctly.

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