Install OpenVPN on Windows XP 32 bits


WARNING: The Windows installers for these old releases may contain OpenSSL versions that have the heartbleed vulnerability or other serious security issues. You should not use any of these old OpenVPN Windows installers, unless you are absolutely sure it's safe in your use case. If you depend on an old OpenVPN version make sure you build the Windows binaries yourself and link them to an up-to-date OpenSSL version.

OpenVPN for Windows XP 32 bits

openvpn-install-2.3.3-I002-i686.exe (Windows Installer 32 bits)

Install OpenVPN 32 bits

Run the downloaded "openvpn-install-xx.exe" install file. If you get a "User Account Control" dialog, click "Yes". Accept all of the default values. If you get a "Windows Security" window asking about the "TAP-Windows Provider V9 Network adapters", click "Install".

Get this VPN - Install OpenVPN on Windows XP 32 bits