VPN Erasmus

VPN erasmusErasmus and other student exchange programs permit students to travel and discover new cultures. Student exchanges happen in MBA, engineering, commerce, litterature, psychology and numerous majors at the university. We specially think about student going in exchange semester abroad in ERASMUS or other similar programs (China, United States or Amercia, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, ...).

Sometimes you may feel lonely or simply miss home and your culture. Here comes ActiVPN which permit you to access the TV channels of your home country in live and in replay all around the world. You only need your smartphone, tablet, laptop and an internet connection!

When students need to access TV channels in live or in replay an error message generally appears "this video / stream is unavailable in your country". This is due to the geolocalisation of your internet connection IP address. ActiVPN hides your real IP thanks to the ones of our numerous datacenters.

Numerous expatriate and students enjoy our elegant and simple solution so much that they recommend it to their friends! We are one of the most affordable VPN on the market for such a high quality!

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