install Pokemon GO on Android with a VPN

Pokemon GO is available only in US, New Zealand and Australia. If you live elsewhere and want to play Pokemon GO e.g., in Canada, UK, France.., ActiVPN has the solution! For instance, succeeded at playing Pokemon Go in India!

How to unblock Pokemon GO on Android

Unblocking Pokemon GO on Android is pretty straightforward. Simply follow these steps to first retrieve the installer of Pokemon GO.

Install Pokemon GO with a VPN

  • Connect to one of the VPN US Servers
  • Turn off the GPS on your phone
  • install Pokemon GO on Android via a VPN
    install pokemon go android via a vpn
  • Choose the option "Clear data and Clear cache". Do it again for "Google Play Services". Do not worry, this only will clear locally and will not affect anything on the Pokemon GO server!
    clear the cache for playing pokemon goclear the google android play store cache for playing pokemon go

Play Pokemon GO via VPN

Once the Pokemon GO app is installed, and setup, time to catch some pokemons!!
ActiVPN permits you to switch to various countries and getting more pokemons faster than your friends!

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